Solutions for Software Gaming

System Canada has expertise in testing a wide variety of Games and provides quality assurance services for media entertainment and gaming applications: For example, PC based Games, Console based Games, Mobile Games, Sport Games, Racing Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Strategic Games and Role Playing Games, platform games, simulation games, Driving games and puzzle games etc...

Our team possesses expertise in testing functional, play/logic testing, rule adherence, single/multiplayer testing, compatibility testing, configuration testing and performance testing on gaming applications

System Canada’s Approach:

  • Familiar with the game rules and testing the game play against these rules.
  • Testing the user interface (eg: the selection menus And the use of buttons)
  • Test for incorrect, inappropriate collision and Examine the overlap
  • Ensure a “game load” or “data load” message and an appropriate “loading” indication
  • Test for the multi-player mode
  • Graphics and Sound checking

Functional Testing

Game Play Testing


Submission Testing

Compatibility Testing

Player’s attributes

Measurement of excitement

Grammar checking

Memory card checks

Operating systems



Testing of the graphical user interface for text and controls

Boot tests

Graphic cards




Ageing tests


Buttons functions

Difficulty levels

Local OS

Naming conventions

RAM capacities

Scoring / statistics

Rating of designs



Game devices

The use of digital and analogue modes

Graphics and sound

Sound and video synchronization



Game pad effects


Coherence of glossaries


Networks and other games or standard software

Animation frame rates

Realism of animations




Multi player facilities





Multi player facilities