Solutions for Embedded Systems

Structured and measurement-based procedures are essential for Efficient and effective embedded software Quality Assurance.

System Canada provides a range of services for accurate, non-intrusive measurement of real-time software performance. Our software metrics, static analysis, coding conformance, test-case generator, performance analysis, software test, regression testing, code coverage and report generation procedures deliver accurate, thorough and repeatable measurement systems for optimization, test and Verification & Validation on safety-critical, performance-critical and security-critical embedded applications.

Our quality assurance methodology improves embedded development productivity by automating the process of test-case creation, measurement and recording, and assist in conforming to quality standards in a defined software development process.

System Canada's Embedded Software Quality Assurance provides:

  • Static Analysis
  • Coding standards conformance checking.
  • Dynamic Analysis.
  • Single, reconfigurable hardware instrument for Debugging and Testing.
  • Automotive Power train development platform.
  • Real-time, non-intrusive measurement of Embedded System-under-Test.
  • Test Coverage Measurement.
  • Automatic Test Harness Generator.
  • Regression Testing.
  • V&V Documentation.