In a software project, and remote development, project control plays a big role in success. System Canada's process achieves control at multiple levels: requirements, programming, schedule, quality and risk.

Clients have a say in requirements throughout the project. Though specification sign-off is required before development starts, we allow flexibility to suit new features as they come to light throughout the project. There is no extra charge for reasonable changes, though schedule impacts might be there.

Programming control is achieved by asking us to follow your development styles and guidelines. In addition, you can get the team to follow your in-house development process instead of our process.

Schedule control is achieved by sending you regular status updates and creating frequent milestones as part of the plan. Not only are Stages defined and dated, each Stage also has multiple tasks going on in parallel, each with an immediate milestone. We record "How much has been completed" versus "How much time has passed" as an illustration of schedule impact.

Quality control is built into the process by requiring compulsory QA sign-off at every Stage. Please read more about the role of Quality here.

Risk control is afforded by pro-actively listing in the Stage Plan various risks envisaged, and an Action Plan to meet each. Risks are then tracked through the project, and on crossing a threshold level, corrective action is taken.

SCT offers unparalleled transparency into development. SCT will use a web-based system that allows our clients to see project plan, milestones, schedule, bug status, code tree, timesheets and a host of other software development metrics - all live and over the web!