Project closure is a critical point in the cycle, and defining end-point can be an exercise in itself. It is also a time to learn, relax and party! Internal project closure is achieved when QA signs off on the final integrated release. This is based on the client's Acceptance Criteria as listed in Requirements, and also QA's internal criteria.

However, we understand that client project closure might involve a little more. Hence, System Canada's process keeps external (client) closure as a separate step. No project is defined closed till the client signs off, and final implementation/deployment as required has been completed..

After final implementation, the process requires the team to do a post-mortem. The Relationship Manager takes feedback from the client, making sure that final points have been cleared up. The team holds a meeting to discuss the good, bad and ugly as experienced in the project, and learns for the future.

This is where metrics gathered during the project are also analyzed, and the project is benchmarked against similar projects in the past.