Solutions for Life Sciences & Healthcare

Evolving technologies and fluctuating consumer trend makes both patients and regulatory compliances increasingly demand that providers, payers, life sciences companies, and suppliers leverage technology to have innovative technical and care delivery solutions in healthcare and life science. Healthcare and Life science Solutions Testing has presented many challenges by way of knowledge specialization and retention, effective testing strategies and regulatory conformance. To overcome the challenges of testing,

We offers QA consulting and software testing services to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and Health science centers, Laboratories, diagnostic centers and physicians.

System Canada Provides Testing Services for the following Healthcare and Life Science Solutions:
  • Healthcare IT system integration services
  • Master Patient Index Medical Records
  • Clinical Data Warehousing Solutions
  • HIPAA-compliant care-management solutions
  • Pharmaceutical contract-management applications
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain solutions
  • CRM and Sales & Marketing Transformation Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry
  • Finance Management Services for the Life Sciences Industry
  • Supply Chain Management Services for the Life Sciences Industry
  • Medicare / Medicaid Billing
  • Medical Insurance Claim Processing

Health Care and Life Sciences Value Chain: